This is a Glossary of Terms meant to help IT Professionals understand terminology across a wide spectrum of technologies.


  • Converged Architecture – “…integrates servers, storage, networking equipment and software into a single platform.”[1]
  • KVM – Keyboard, Video, Mouse, this usually refers to a console which allows for switching between multiple systems using a single Keyboard, Mouse, and Video Display.
  • RAID – Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.


  • iDRAC – Internal Dell Remote Access Console, provides terminal level access to a server over a remote network connection. i means the DRAC is part of the system as opposed to a separate component card.
  • PERC – Power Edge RAID Controller.
  • PowerEdge – Dell’s line of servers.
  1. [1]Brian T. Horowitz. “Converged Architecture Can Reduce IT Bottlenecks.” Dell Power More.