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This is a compilation of blog posts, articles, etc. that I believe provide invaluable knowledge to the IT pro and are well worth spending time reading. Don’t worry about reading them all at once. Over time as they become outdated I plan on replacing them with more current articles. If you have an article you believe is particularly helpful, shoot me an email and let me know.


  • Dan Sullivan. Major IT Technologies You Should Know. tom’s IT PRO, 2013. – Trying to get your mind around the ever growing field of IT? Sullivan’s slideshow is a good overview of some major issues, though it is already becoming dated.


  • SSL:¬†Matthew Prince. “Announcing Keyless SSL(tm): All the Benefits of CloudFlare Without Having to Turn Over Your Private SSL Keys.” CloudFlare Blog, Sept. 18th, 2014. – I don’t post this here b/c of Cloudflare’s keyless SSL – though it is pretty cool – but b/c it does a good job picturing some of the challenges of maintaining security and also illustrative materials on SSL.
  • DNS and DNSSEC:¬†Nick Sullivan. “DNSSEC: An Introduction.” CloudFlare Blog, October 7th, 2014. – A decent introduction to DNS/DNSSEC, though it lacks info. on the cryptographic portion to really make DNSSEC understandable to those w/out a prior understanding of cryptography.


  • API: Brian Cooksey. “An Introduction to APIs.” Zapier Learning Center. – Great series of articles on how an API works beginning with the very basics and moving up to creating a hypothetical API.
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